Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jenny Gordy Rocks

I've debated about whether to mention Jenny Gordy and Wiksten on this blog. Not that I don't love Jenny and her fabulous clothes, but I just don't want to share Jenny and her fabulous clothes with anyone else! (Just observe how quickly a Wiksten shop update sells out and you'll understand!) But the truth is, Jenny and her handmade clothes are just too fabulous not to share. So, here I am sharing. Sadly, after a year of trying, I still haven't gotten my grubby hands on a Wiksten item. But one day, one day I will. And then good luck getting me to wear anything else. : )

Image of the lovely sold-out Kate top via Wiksten-Made

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Sarah said...

I looks like you have the same great taste you had in high school. Great blog with lots of great design/style finds.