Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The film nerd in me...

...really wants this little otsu film diary from Beklina. It even has an alphabetical index to fill in as you go so you can easily find your film entries! The book geek in me loves that!

Oh, and have I mentioned I love Beklina? No, somehow I haven't mentioned that yet. Well, I do! It is, hands down, the most fashion-forward eco-boutique out there. Here's a peek at what else you can find at this great shop:

Mociun tie-front dress (this particular print is sold out, but fall is sure to bring in a new version of Mociun's signature tie-front dress)

Teal Manimal mocs (teal is my favorite color so I would happily wear it on my feet, but for those of you who like to be less flashy with your footwear, they are availalbe in stone and brown)

Hau Hauz swing tote

All images via Beklina

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