Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I love this dress by MissMe.

I discovered MissMe in the latest issue of Lucky, their "Everything Under $100" issue. As someone who flips through Lucky every month repeating the phrase "That [top, dress, necklace] costs how much?!?!" I appreciate their effort. There are a lot of great finds and there is a list of budget-friendly resources, but I wouldn't really call this a budget-friendly issue. I still had a few "That costs how much?" moments. For me, shopping is all about the relative value of various pieces. I expect to pay more for quality pants, dresses, bags, and shoes (though I have my limits there as well), but I would not pay $98 for a top or $85 for a necklace (I actually did pay $150 for a very special top once, but I don't plan to do it again). I'm no expert on sticking to a budget. I give myself way more latitude than I should sometimes, but if I didn't have some balance and priorities, I'd be in real trouble. Anyhoo, those are just my two cents. It's still a good issue.


Christina said...

I know, I do the same thing when I am flipping through certain magazines. ; )

It's easier for me to spend $ on my love of books.

Hey, I think you and I are both naturally curly haired girls! I am hoping you share some hair care tips, on how you keep your hair looking so together.

Happy weekend!

belle said...

I've been wondering if anyone would be interested in a hair post! I'll have to think of how to organize it, but, yeah, I can definitely get some tips together. Stay tuned!