Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some notes on the 'fro

A reader recently asked if I could share some hair tips, and I'm happy to oblige. I'm no expert, but I've tried a lot of products and techniques, and I think I've learned a thing or two about what works for my naturally curly hair. So, this is my weekly hair routine:

DevaCurl No-Poo
DevaCurl One Condition
DevaCurl Set-it Free

Denman Paddle Brush D83 (I got mine at my local Sally's Beauty Supply).

Washing & Conditioning:

1. I wash my hair with the DevaCurl No-Poo, which doesn't lather at all. It takes a while to get used to washing your hair without a lather, but this is so important for keeping moisture in curly hair.

2. Next I apply a generous amount of the One Condition to my entire head, focusing on the top layers and the ends. Then I let it sit for a few minutes to work its magic.

3. While I'm still in the shower (with the conditioner still in my hair), I detangle my hair with the Denman brush. If you have curly hair and you don't have a Denman brush, you should really run to your nearest Sally's and get yourself one. I swear by this brush. It makes detangling so much easier, and I think it makes a big impact on how the curls set when they dry.

4. After detangling, I let the conditioner sit for a few more minutes. Then, I quickly rinse the excess conditioner, but I leave a fair amount of the conditioner in. Basically you shouldn't have glops of conditioner in your hair, but you should still be able to feel the conditioner in your hair.

5. After I get out of the shower, I wring my hair out with my hands (not a towel) just so I don't drip all over the place.


1. To get started with styling, I spray my entire head with the Set-it Free spray. Again, I focus on the top layers and the ends (more frizz-prone areas). I then section my hair off with 4 to 6 clips.

2. Starting in the front and working towards the back, I take random sections of hair about 1 inch wide or smaller, divide each into two strands, and twist them over each other. I don't secure the ends. Naturally curly hair will secure itself. If the twist feels like it will come undone, it's probably too big, and you should take it out and divide it into smaller sections.

3. After I've twisted all of my hair, I apply a quarter-size amount of Jojoba oil throughout my hair, rubbing a little extra into my hair line. I then let it dry overnight. (Note: I usually wash my hair on Sunday nights and start way later in the evening than I should, so I usually sit under a hood hairdryer for 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed so my hair is dry in time for work. But if you can wash your hair on a Friday or Saturday or start a little earlier in the evening, I highly recommend avoiding the heat. It can be a bit damaging to the top layer of hair.)

4. After my hair is dry, I'll untwist each section. My hair is prone to frizz and shrinkage, and twisting the hair sets and lengthens my curl pattern, giving me the springy spirals you can see along the perimeter of my 'fro. After I've taken out all of the twists, I'll start pulling and shaping my hair into the round shape you see above. Steam from my morning shower also helps add some volume.

5. I don't do anything special to my hair when I go to bed each night. I just sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent damage. When I wake up, I just pull and shape again.

This style should last a whole week.

For more information on caring for and styling naturally curly hair, I highly recommend the following:

Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey (she also created the DevaCurl products I use)




Christina said...

Hey beautiful! You have just made my day!! I don't have a brush like the one you mention. I'm gonna run to Sally's tonight. ; ) Oh, I thank you, thank you!
PS: I look forward to trying these new products.
Thanks again, lovely.

Kate said...

You have the coolest hair. Ever.

o'suzannah said...

i think before i knew u it was always your hair and style that i noticed, rock it girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a little late, but I just found your site via Curlynikki's site. I absolutely love your hair and blog! You should start posting more! :)