Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Tourist in My Hometown

When you grow up in a town with as much beauty and history as Charlottesville, Virginia, it's easy to take it for granted, or even resent it after the millionth field trip involving some architectural wonder associated with Thomas Jefferson (I've been know to roll my eyes while driving past the UVA grounds). But this weekend I put all that aside. My college roommate was visiting with her fabulous new Nikon DSLR, and she wanted to take some pictures while she was here. I knew just where to go. We wandered around the University of Virginia grounds snapping lots of pictures of beautiful old doors and rocking chairs (top photo), and we eventually found ourselves at the Rotunda, the target of much of my eye rolling. "You want to go in?" I asked. I couldn't believe what I was saying. But in we went. And as we wandered around the light-filled rooms, I felt grateful, grateful that my aesthetic roots are so tied to this beautiful place, this history.

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