Sunday, November 15, 2009

Notes on a Weekend

Here's a glimpse at what I've been up to this weekend.

I've been cooking up a storm. I made pumpkin waffles, peanut butter krispy treats, and won tons (not pictured because I was about ready to collapse by the time I'd wrapped the last one).

I also did some much-needed fall shopping. The most exciting item I picked up? My first pair of skinny jeans! The only skinny jeans I've ever been able to get over my Beyonce booty!

Image from Anthropologie

They're from the new J Brand Blue Label, which is for women with curves. I still couldn't get the Ink wash over my bum, but the Shadow wash has the perfect amount of stretch.

I also got some lovely red tights, but my fingernail poked through them while I was trying them on : (. That'll teach me not to buy cheap tights. These sturdy MP tights are on their way to replace them (found via wiksten-made).

I think I'll spend much of the rest of my Sunday reading this. And this evening, I'll be attending this:

Check it out if you're local.

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Anonymous said...

Love the waffles. Where did you find your waffle iron? I can only find the Belgian waffle maker.