Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Change in the Air

Near the end of every season, there's a distinctive change in the air, a moment when the feel, the quality, the smell of the air becomes something other than what it's been. And I have to tell you that I live for this moment.

When you're older and there are no semesters, midterms, or finals to mark the passage of time and each day passes by in more or less the same way, time can seem to stand still and the word "rut" becomes an understatement for what your daily life has become. But then the season changes and everything looks different and feels different and is different. And the change in the air is the moment this begins, the moment the gears start to shift, and you can feel your life moving to another place.

This morning I felt a change in the air. The way the wind blew across me felt like fall. I breathed it in. Fall again. Up to that moment I'd been hanging on to summer with all my might, but when I felt the change I let it go. And then I felt almost giddy. And now I can think of nothing but sweaters and fallen leaves. Magic.


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Carla said...

The shifting from Summer to Autumn is the moment that I live for as well. Like you mentioned, everything is different. And for me, life just seems so much easier for me during this time. I'm much more relaxed and mellow during this time of year. And not to mention, I'm a snazzy "autumn" dresser as well.

Although it's still pretty warm here in Louisiana, you can still feel the difference in the morning and nighttime air. You can also see the difference. I. LOVE. IT!