Sunday, November 6, 2011


I know I've been very absent from this space lately, but there is now yet another place you can find me: Instagram! I'm kind of a little bit obsessed with the camera in the new iPhone 4S, so I use it every chance I get. Head on over and keep me company!


Anonymous said...

I JUST found your site via Curlynikki's site, and I'm extremely late. But, I love your hair, site, and style! You take really great pictures, so keep up the posting. Would you try to post more photos of that gorgeous head of hair also? Will be a regular on your site.

Nicole said...

hi! i also found your blog through Curly Nikki a while back. I like your posts on Susana Conway. I've been thinking about taking one of her courses. Anywho... I love your blog and I'll be following you on instagram!