Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pay attention to the books in the background...

....or not if, like me, you have a compulsive book-buying problem...

If you love books, though, you should get in the habit of peeking around the images of your favorite bloggers to see what books they own. I've found many a great book this way. Allow me to demonstrate...

Example 1:

I spotted a lovely copy of Jane Austen's Persuasion on perfectbound. I've read Persuasion before. In fact, it's my favorite Jane Austen book. But I'd never seen such a beautiful edition of it. So, I peeked at the top corner of the image to see who made this edition...Dover Thrift...typed it into Google, et voila. I knew one day it would be mine, but I couldn't justify shipping a $2 book all by its lonesome, so I added it to my Amazon wish list.

(If you're in the market for a full set of Austen loveliness, Dover Thrift also makes a cute little boxed set.)

Example 2:

This morning I was looking at pictures of Whitney's new studio, and I saw a sliver of an intriguing book in the second image from the top..."Inside Out"..."Tim Gunn"...I'm guessing the missing word in the title is "Fashion." Typed "Fashion Inside Out Tim Gunn" into Google et voila. It turns out Daniel Vosovic has written the fashion book of my dreams and no one told me. I quickly added it to my shopping cart and tossed in the Dover Thrift Persuasion.

See what I would have missed if I hadn't been paying attention?

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