Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something New

So, due to massive amounts of snow here in Virginia, I was extremely bored today and I thought I'd play around with the camera in my Mac and I made a little video! I mostly talk about photography since that's what I get the most questions about, but I'm open to talking about other things (hair, makeup, etc) if you guys have any requests. I hope you like it!

In the video, I mention Nicole Gerulat and her book. Here are the links to her blog and the book:

A Little Sussy
Photo 101

P.S. Please excuse the horrible still that YouTube picked for this video. It's like the worst possible frame. I don't look that squinched up in the video...I promise! : )


Miss Tasha said...

Thanks for the vid. I'm in limbo between a Canon and a Nikon. Just as a starter and for taking pics of products for my biz. I'm thinking about spending 300 on a used one, we'll see how that goes.

tiffany said...

loved the video! would love to see your videos regularly!

Nicole said...

Well-done, Belle! I like the different format. And you look good on video. :-)

nina said...

thanks so much for the tips -- very helpful. i just ordered nicole's book.

i have a k1000 that needs a bit of tinkering/fixing. can't wait to try it. your film shots are so inspiring :).

BlackBetty said...

Thanks for the video. I definitely want to pick up the book. Also, the Canon Rebel is on my to-buy list so it's nice getting to hear what you think about it.
More videos on all of your interests, from hair to photography would be fabulous!