Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh dear... seems I've gone another week without posting anything. I do apologize. It's just that whenever I try to come up with something new to post, I feel a bit like Miss Morgan is demonstrating above. **Sigh**

I do hope I get some wind back in my sails soon!


Ch3rRy BuBbleGum said...

sooo dog crosses her arms when she gets confused or

Jennifer said...

I love this blog! Update whenever you can. We just enjoy seeing your photos and hearing your thoughts.

Lori said...

ITA. I am nosy about what other people do during the day, so you could post what you ate for breakfast and I'd be like, "Hmm. Maybe I should try that." LOL

Don't feel pressured to post or you might come to dread it.

What's the fro like these days? Are you going to do anything different with your hair for the summer?

Bohemian Gal said...

How cute your doggie is :) Yep, I get in posting ruts happens to the best of us.