Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Love

I just got my first roll of film shot with my vintage Pentax K1000 back. Weee!

The minute I spotted this camera on ebay, I knew I'd found my camera. There were lots of other Pentax cameras available, but this one was for me. I even loved the tiny little ding on the edge of the lens. I was ecstatic when I won it. Well, now that I've developed my first roll of film, I know for sure that this camera and I are going to be great friends : )

P.S. If on the off chance anyone is viewing this in a blog reader, sorry if it's appeared a million times. Was trying to get the sizing right.


Beryl said...

LOVE these pictures. I really want to take a photography course and learn more about the art. A friend of mine started a "Project 365" where she's posting a picture a day for the entire 2009. Her stuff is really cool and I know she's learning alot in the process. My plan is to do the same thing next year. I need a new camera before I start though.

Concrete Honey said...

beautiful crisp images - good buy!

Vivienne said...

the pictures you've taken with are so beautiful! so looking forward to seeing more of what you see through it!